Our team

Tim Meehan

Tim is an experienced project manager, co-founder and innovation consultant with a background in design and technology and a degree in design from Nottingham Trent University. He has recent experience commercialising early stage technology including award winning IoT technology for smart buildings, smart textiles and orthopaedic technology related to ACL recovery. His current clients include start ups commercialising technologies in green energy and the emerging metaverse.

Justin Wrench

Justin is an experienced management consultant with over 25 years’ experience across both the public and private sectors, leading transformation change programmes, product development, and start-ups. For example, he has led the development of corporate financial systems, worked with >100 SMEs and small business owners to support product development, business growth and innovation, and has considerable experience working on health-based programmes. He currently works closely with the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Innovation Team and is delivering a number of corporate programmes and innovation projects, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Medical Devices.

Ryan Jones

Ryan is a Full-Stack Software Engineer with 5 years of experience developing high-quality web apps using React and NodeJS. Writing test suites. Creating/manipulating relational databases using SQL. Hosting these either on an Apache/NGINX server, or a serverless environment such as AWS, and distributing these over a CDN for high-performance and availability across a wide geographical area. He has worked on projects for X Factor, 5 Gold Rings, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Mission to Seafarers, and ASLTIP.