Problems we solve

Horizon SciTech provides a managed pipeline of new product ideas with a path to commercialisation, helping businesses and organisations to identify the key strategic challenges they face in successfully growing and innovating.

By de-risking innovative projects and ensuring value for money, we can Implement a strategic and sustainable approach to innovation, whilst ensuring staff and customers are at the heart of change and innovation.

How we solve them

Leadership / Strategy – identify key leadership behaviours in support of innovation, identify strategy challenges (analysis),
develop innovation strategy, and implement. IP policy, innovation policy.

Partnerships – identifying partners, generating ideas / IP in collaboration and or partnership, co-creation, licensing.
Resources – grants and investing, expertise, associate consultants, knowledge resources.

Customer – engagement, community development, guidance panels, customer segmentation, problem validation, solution validation,

Process – stage & processes, validation process, project management process, culture for innovation, values for innovation.
People – coaching for innovation, managing culture change, implementing values for innovation success.


Identify leading and lagging indicators to successfully track innovation activity e.g. RADAR – people, process, strategy implementation, customer, financial, market etc. Provide business intelligence to effectively manage innovation.